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Hoptoberfest Volunteer 2021

There is a job for every interest at the Festival. We are looking for a motivated crew of approximately 40 volunteers to come out and help us put on this annual festival.  If this sounds like you … we want you! (Chamber Ambassadors have top priority)

Minimum Requirements

Volunteers under the age of 18 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT (No Exceptions).

Volunteer Benefits

  • Free access into the festival.
  • An exclusive cotton t-shirt.
  • Snacks + access to the Volunteer Lounge.
  • An amazing networking opportunity
  • A fun and rewarding experience
  • Build your resume


You are an early bird that cant wait to get a jump on the day and, even though its the weekend, you’re ready to get out and seize the day. So logically the very first thing that you think to yourself is how much you want to come down and help your good friends at hot wing festival move their stuff around and get setup.  During this time you will be moving / standing / and lifting to various degrees, so you can go ahead and cross off the gym for today since you will surely get enough exercise during this morning wingfest workout from about 7:30 AM -12 PM


You are a mover and a shaker who doesn’t like to be sitting around in one place for too long, but unlike the early to rise go-get-em setup folks, you are unfamiliar with the concept of “morning” on the weekends or are just not much of a morning person.  Still you’re a pretty cool person and ok with putting off your late night plans for a little bit to help your good pals down here at Wing fest pack up and move all of their stuff … well most of it… and do a little bit of light cleanup. 6 PM - 8 PM

If you know your way around Richmond County, where to have a good time, what's going on when and where and can help out tourists and visitors from out of town, come volunteer with us!  You will also be one of the faces of our festival and providing assistance to our patrons, as needed, with any questions that they may have about where things are (e.g. Bathrooms), when things are supposed to take place (schedules), and where to get assistance (e.g. first aid, lost and found etc).

Volunteer Registration/Hospitality/Merchandise

To be filled as / if needed but you are a Volunteer’s Volunteer!


If you have already registered but wish to change your volunteer preferences, please contact us rather than submitting a second or third application. Thanks.

Please submit only one volunteer application per event year. If you have already applied and looking to change your preferences or are looking to register a group (10+) please contact us for assistance rather than submit the application again. Please be sure to review all the volunteer information before submitting your application.

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